Our house/garden, pet and boat sitting services are FREE.

We’ll always do our best to love your home, garden and pets as much as you do.

Here’s an idea of what we’ll do (just ask if there’s something else you need done.)

Home Care

  • General cleaning: vacuuming throughout, dusting, regular cleaning of worktops etc, cleaning of all rooms during/at end of house sit, washing of bedding (during/at end of house sit)

  • General maintenance: basic DIY as needed.

  • Emergencies: we will do our best to deal with them/get in relevant people/contact you asap

  • Recycling: composting, put out recycling bins as per your local council rules.

  • Rubbish: put out regularly.

  • Post: daily collection of mail/parcels.

  • Indoor plants: Water regularly.

  • House aired: during day. Windows opened to keep house aired.

  • Updates: We’ll keep you updated re. house/garden/pets (at least weekly-usually by email)

  • Security: we’ll keep a good eye on your house and possessions and will never leave house unattended overnight. All windows and doors kept locked.

Pet Care

  • Love and affection- plenty of cuddles.

  • Feeding (we’ll keep them on the same diet/usual times)

  • Cleaning of pets, litter trays etc

  • Grooming

  • Walking

  • Administer medications

  • Vet visits (if needed)

Garden Care

  • Watering of plants etc.

  • Weeding of garden beds

  • Mow the lawns

  • Pruning

  • Take care of plants, shrubs, veggies and herb garden.

Boat Care

  • ​​Checking mooring lines.​ ​Interior and exterior cleaning. Live aboard security.